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Stupid dream

Lol I just had a dream where my cat gave me a mood ring and it went completely black whereas it reacted "wow look how black that is, your stressing" I woke up and not knowing shit about mood rings looked up the colors and seen that the black color is representative of someone who is tense and stressed crazy, now I'm super, superstitious, and my cat reacting weird to me waking up didn't make it any less of suspect. Opening my eyes to see her Arms stretched and touching mine before immediately jumping up and moving to the lower side of me and falling back to sleep. This just happened, thought it was weird and funny Just wanted to share this.

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Keejay, I find that interesting that your cat reached out to you in your dream to let you know how stressed and anxious you are. You know that animals can sense that in a human. I had a mood ring at one time just to let me see when I felt stressed. Well it was black most of the time :) I used it as a guidance to relaxation. After much practice, I was able to change the stone to green which was serene. You'd be lucky to stay serene for very long with anxiety but the idea is knowing that you can have some control of your anxiety and stress levels. Keep that cat around, sounds like he is looking out for you. :)

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