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So tonight after feeling anxious I convinced myself that I couldn't feel my arms and legs if they were part of my body by not connecting with my brain or feeling things fully. I sat there pushing and pinching them and paying so much attention to it trying to convince myself that I could feel them..but obviously giving them that much attention made them feel worse. They felt so foreign for the longest time. Is this detachment something anyone here has experienced? It felt like a very physical manifestation of depersonalization but I also felt like I was going to go crazy and going to lose all connection with my limbs. Boy do I feel crazaaay hahah

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Hi Jess, sorry you're going through this, it sounds distressing and I can totally relate . Sometimes the slightest twinge or tingle can trigger me into a panicked state because my mind just goes straight to the worst case scenario. Have you experienced anything like this before?

jessicao in reply to Saraukulele

Yep, I do that too! And yes, but more with the world around me feeling my body. I think that's why it freaked me out. It's always weird when a new feeling or "symptom" creeps in.

jessicao in reply to jessicao

Like I've felt detached from my surroundings but not limbs and things. I think I just convinced myself of it at the time and got into a right tizz about it

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