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Bad day

I had been doing really good, there for about a week and then yesterday and today have been a nightmare. I have been anxious as hell, and today but depression really hit me hard. Anyone ever feel like their depression makes it physically hurt to get out of bed. I ate breakfast this morning, and just got really down in the dumps, and had been in bed all day. Which just made my anxiety act out as well, i had a terrible headache cause i hadnt ate anything, but had no appetite, and it was so hard to pull myself out of bed. But i did it😊 i went to get food with my boyfriend and now i am back at home and just back in the same phase as earlier. I figured getting out of the house and into the sun would help. Well i guess its just one of those days.😕

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Yes absolutely. I had been doing good for a while then a few months ago I felt like I said so far back I was starting over. I long for those happy, normal days. I just want to be happy!

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Yes, exactly. I long for the few happy days i get. I hate being stuck in this funk. I also landed myself in the er lastnight, first time since fourth of july. Was having really bad chest pains, which have never been a symptom of my anxiety. But i guess thats what it was because my ekg and all other tests came back normal


Yes, been down that road too.


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