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I'm suffering from sever nausea! Feel sick 24/7 and spiraticaly throw up with no warning. I've dealt with depression and anxiety since a young age. But past 3 months have been extremely difficult. Throwing up consently without wanting has resulted to me loosing my job, I work in poultry processing plant so I can't be throwing up around food. I will be dead sleep and start vomiting. I never wanna eat anymore thought of food and forcing myself to eat makes my stomach turn. Been to doctors and had tests everything seems to be normal except blood in urine work and fat levels are very low. Please any insight would be helpful.

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering with sickness , it could be anxiety related and of course the more we worry we can feel and be sick , but to stop worrying is easier said than done but in time it can be done with the right help and support so don't give up hope :-)

You have been to see your Doctor and pleased everything seems pretty normal , however if they have found blood in your urine and your fat levels are low they should be following this up to find out why , have they said what they are going to do or have they just left it ?

If they are not following this up you need to go back and ask why as well as going back and asking what they can do about this sickness as this needs resolving you cannot carry on like this , so please go back again , if you are not happy with the Doctor you already see and don't feel they are been as supportive as they could be then ask to see someone else in the surgery who maybe more understanding and helpful

Keep up your fluids if you are been sick so much and maybe try and nibble on bland food such as toast , plain biscuits etc , small amounts but if you are not eating that can make us feel sick to so even though I can imagine food will be the last thing you feel interested in try and line your stomach with what ever you feel you can

Make that appointment and tell them you need answers and more help with this problem and keep us updated how you are getting on :-)

Take Care x


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