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Anxiety Worries

I have anxiety but i have no health issues I had a pda when i was 4 months old . I went to my primary care doctor and he said there's no reason you shouldn't be able to live a normal healthy life and for satisfaction he gave me and EKG and my test can back perfect but i cant just seem to get in my head to move on with my life ' i play basketball but my anxiety has stopped me from playing , I just need more confirmation that i can continue working and going on with my career .

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RIQuette, When one diagnosis isn't enough to relieve our fears and concerns and makes an impact on our quality of life, then it's time to seek out another doctor for reassurance.

Two doctors can't possibly be wrong. Hopefully with a second set of eyes and ears checking you out, it will be enough assurance for you to get back to playing basketball and going on with your career. I wish you well RIQuette :)


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