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Blood clot fear

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Hi all.. :)

So now already 3 months on sertraline.. last month was good, not much of anxiety.. some flashes, a panic attacks that lasted only few second and i was ok.. so i started to feel like i won.. but last two weeks are again bad.. there is no more the fear from heart attack, as i had all the previous time, now it changed to fear from blood clot.

I feel all the time some cramps and pains in my right calf, and the calf is a bit bigger than the left one. I went to ER a week ago, they checked by ultrasound my calf and the doctor said the veins are clear, d dimer test was good too. The day i came from ER i was calm.. but from the next day again terrible fear, that maybe the clot was not already in the leg.. but moved to lungs so was not to see in the veins anymore.. and what if the d dimer test did not show the results good, maybe the clot is too small that it does not show in the blood results.. so last week i live again in terrible fear.. afraid to go sleep that i will not wake up on morning because the clot will kill me..

Is that normal that one kind of anxiety ends but another one comes so strong ? Im getting really mad already about this .. :(

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Hi Marci76, Oh that is so typical of anxiety. You went to the ER got checked out properly for any problems with blood clots in your leg and it calmed you down for the rest of the day. But the anxiety bully can't have that. It doesn't want to lose control over you so it puts in the "what if" thoughts in your mind. Making you now project further with what if, what if, and the fear begins to build. And once more Anxiety gets to gloat, it's got you in it's hold once more.

We have to learn to let go of our fears, not easy but it holds the key to ridding ourselves of anxiety. Whether through therapy or self taught through books, it can be done. Marci, you've been on the forum a while to know that others with Health Anxiety suffer each day with the what if. It's a matter of re-establishing trust in the doctors and professionals who take care of you. Don't put your life in the hands of the Anxiety bully who couldn't care less what his thoughts do to you. We are also here on the forum which is a safe place for you to come and feel comfortable knowing we understand. There are many others who support you and feel your fear. xx

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Marci76 in reply to Agora1

you wrote it so nice, thank you very much for your words :)

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