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Can this really all be anxiety??

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Hi everybody I was wondering if anyone can help me , I have suffered with anxiety for around 2 years however have only be recently diagnosed with it. I am really health anxious and panic over every little thing that is wrong with me. I have been suffering with shooting pains in my head aswell as really bad headache daily for just under a year, I get dizzyness, my arms and legs often ache or hurt and I am constantly tired. I am convinced that I have a brain tumour, it doesn’t help that the doctor will not give me a scan so it is constantly on my mind, this is taking over my life and I feel like I cannot do anything without worrying!! It doesn’t mantter if I feel anxious or not or if I tell myself it’s anxiety as the pain does not stop, I have had stomach pains and chest pains, both of which the doctor says are stress however it just will not stick in my head Please tell me I’m not the only one going through this ???

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Oh my anxious friend, you are not the only one. I am going through the exact things you have said right now. Its morning here where im from so i was up and im constantly worrying and afraid thinking about my health. But every symptom you said im going through right now and i cant help but think its the worst. Muscle aches, twitches, brain feels strained, brain feels heavy or like something is moving around in my head, headaches of all sorts, flu like symptoms, definitely the unbalanced or feeling like a dropping sensation, legs feel heavy at times, now ear aches from time to time, chest hurts which has my breast feeling sore, nervousness in my chest which has my chest sore, list goes on...Sounds familiar? You are not alone....

I hope we are just anxious and its nothing else

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