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Panic attack advice

Hey guys long term sufferer of panic attacks yet to see a psychologist in regards to managing them I have been self managing it quite well but lately it's been getting worse

Does anyone just get the symptoms of shortness of breath and a really tight chest that just appear from out of the blue ? I went to go out for dinner for a relatives birthday but 10 minutes into leaving the house I was forced to turn around and come back home due to these symptoms of a panic attack.

It's really starting to affect my social and daily lifestyle and it's becoming borderline depressing as I used to be the most happiest,energetic and worry free person and now I feel like a failure because I can't manage these issues on my own and I can't go a day without worrying about having a meltdown.

It's hard for people to understand how difficult it is to cope with a panic disorder, people seem to look at you like you are some sort of mental patient just typing this is bringing me to tears I'm a 24 year old father of a beautiful newborn girl and this is really making it difficult to spend quality time as a family.

I don't expect a response from anyone and I'm not looking for sympathy it is just nice to vent my feelings out knowing that there is someone probably out there going through the same thing and would love to know how they cope with it because I'm really struggling.



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Once you learn to mange the attacks they will get easier x

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