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I know this isn't really about anxiety but I want advice as it's causing my anxiety to be worse. I've been with my partner for 4 years now and I am happy and I love him dearly. But recently i have been messaging another person. Not in a flirty way, just as friends. But it's making me question Why? And what i want. I really am confused and it's causing me to have more stress and anxiety

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It's clear you are attracted to this other person, already this is causing you stress and anxiety, even people in a strong and loving relationship can be tempted😈, if you value your current relationship you know what to do.


If you value your relationship with the man you say you love, stop messaging. This is going to lead to heartbreak. It makes you feel good to get good messages I'm sure, but think of what is at stake. Do you want to lose the person you are in love with?


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