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Anxiety or my kidney

I am so felling bad that i will ones again finish in emergency and in the end it will be just my anxiety but i cant stop paniking i cant sleep its 1 and i have this pain in my back stomack and going to urinate all the time i dont know how to calm myself i am alone my kids are sleeping cant go to hospital. Is anyone had kidney problems and had those simptoms or can be just anxiety please help to durvive till morning

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When I first started having my panic attacks/anxiety attacks it made me urine every 5 minutes it seems like. It wasn't until my therapist showed me how the body handles anxiety, that I understood why I had to urinate so much. Research how the body reacts when you have a panic attack and it will definitely let you know it was just that. Hope you feel better ❤️

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Scarediam, it could be pure anxiety or there's a small chance it could be kidney stones or more likely a kidney infection that will soon clear up with a simple course of antibiotics. I'm not a doctor so can't tell you for sure, only make an informed guess. But whatever it is there is no need to panic as all these possible causes can be fixed.

I understand you have to stay with your kids but you need to see your doctor to get his diagnosis soon as possible and then take it from there. You clearly experience anxiety, we all do on this forum, and this is making you worry about these symptoms out of all proportion to their seriousness or to be more precise the lack of seriousness.

You are going to be fine, Scarediam, this is not a major health problem, you are not going to end up disabled and this is not lifethreatening. I knowyou're in pain so take some painkillers, drink plenty of water and just feel every muscle in your body go limp for a while, and imagine there's a big muscle where your brain is and feel that going limp and relaxing too.

I bet this is a kidney infection, my wife has had exactly the same a couple of times over the years, with treatment you will be free of it in a few days time. So just take it easy and stay calm, you CAN do it if you try and just accept the discomfort for the moment, but do have that talk with your doc soon as pos. Whatever the cause everything WILL be alright, I promise you.

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