Trying to relax after a long week, playing on my phone. When I get a text from my little sister. She had just gotten back from ER.... bad headache, dizzy feeling & both legs felt weak. They did a CT scan, thankfully no stroke. She's only 32, but she had 1 at 16. She has had health issues since.... She & her husband moved to Idaho from CA (our family is all in Ca) about a month ago. My heart is filled with so much worry, they are so far away. They are living with her in-laws, they have like no privacy, & things are very stressful there. So, that's why we were just texting, plus it's late....feel helpless😢


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  • Is she feeling better i hope it wasn't anything serious

  • She said she was feeling okay.... She needs to get a regular doctor & a referral for a neurologist. Hopefully soon.... Her husband thinks it might be stress. They moved there because cheaper than CA. They are hoping to buy a house & get jobs.... He found a job & starts soon. They are living with his parents in meantime.... I don't know all the details but know it's stressful. The parents are leaving for a vacation tomorrow, so hopefully I get more answers.

  • Sounds like a really stressful situation for her especially with in-laws and no privacy. At least he got a job that's one step toward getting their house

  • All my love, hope and calmness being sent to you and your sister ❤️

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