Is it real?

Hi my anxyety is back two days ago and i am starting to feel same pains that i have last time thats about two week ago.its so hard to tell what is real pain and what is not.i am geting this uper back pain specialy my left and my chest specialy when i try to get deep breaths and left arm and armpit and i cant take my mind of it i am thinking its a cancer ad checking my breast i just cant stop that thoght ist exsosting i just want this to stop i feel like crying till its stops.


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  • Well if you’ve been checked by your doc and you are okay, it’s just probably your anxiety causing these symptoms. Trust me I have heart palpitations, neck pain, back pain, difficulty breathing, chest pain etc. I’ve been checked by my doc and run many tests all fine. Try to remember it’s your anxiety and not a terminal illness. Stay strong.

  • I just want this pain gone its very hard for me to acept that actualy is from anxiety i am still tinking what if.

  • I know, it’s takes time to truly accept it and not let your mind wonder what If. It’s not easy, just try and keep your mind occupied when you feel this way, watch a meditation video on YouTube and try to relax. Hang in there

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