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Not another day

Another 9 hours of peaceful worry free chest pain free sleep. But within 4 seconds of waking up I can feel the chest pains and pulsating and throbbing and everything else in my body. I really am not sure how much more of this I can endure. My body is shattered surely it's time for it to give up soon, my nipple is ruined and so big now, I do hope it's that generating a lot of these sensations but you never know. Now for a lovely 8 hours of worry filled heart anxiety at work. Absolute hell. If you was to put a line down the middle of my body the left would be full of pain and the right would be perfect no pains! I really wanted a counselling session yday but my guy bailed on me as he is ill sad

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I can totally relate. In fact I look forward to getting Into bed as I feel I can switch off but soon as I wake up in the morning I wake with panic attacks and last all day until I get to bed at night. It's a vicious circle and so hard to break

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