Anxiety is back

Hi its been around two week was ok no panick atacks but this morning i feel my anxiety and panic atacks are coming back.Is anyone has there anxiety geting very bad from around middle of month till wyour period comes and then you are ok. I am now felling pain in my armpit and actualy i dont eaven know what is a real pain and what is not so scared i cant take my mined of that i am thinkin is it cancer i just cant help it. Can someone else tell me if they get arpit pain wit anxiety i am sick and tierd of this feling and fear.


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  • I'm 33 and have had severe anxiety for 6 yrs I'm just now starting cylexa a week in actually I actually told my doctor that my anxiety was getting do bad that I was constantly tense all my muscles hurt like I had ram a marathon everything from shoulder harms stomach legs feet I mean everything I felt like 6 yrs made me age 20 yrs. It's a brutal thing. Hope you get feeling better.

  • Thank you for replay.i am 32 and i have anxiety for 5 years and last time my anxiety was so bad i got panic atacks and the pain in my body was unberable i cant eaven discribe to my doctor now i am so scared that i will be the same and i can feel slowly comig back.

  • Are you taking any meds?

  • No i am not.I am trying naturaly to deal with it but i dont know how long i can do this.

  • I tried it natural still use my lavender oil and chamomile tea but it wasn't working for me

  • The week before my period is the worst time for my anxiety. It seems to get better once I start though.

  • For me two weeks and when i get my period i am ok about two week i am still geting anxios but at times and its goin away.

  • For me actually yeah my anxiety is horrible right now my calendar said I don't start for a week but I started today and I get random pains in my armpit area when I feel stressed or my chest tightening

  • Its so hard for me i have just 10days in a mont that i can say i am ok not complitly ok but its good and the rest of the month its a so hard i am geting panick atacks and i think about evry single pain in my body

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