It's dark

So, husband got an 8pm to 8am shift 3 weeks ago and I am living in darkness. I thought this would go away after a week but it hasn't. My depression usually is not here but I have to keep the house dark all day. No noise or he wakes up screaming. He takes care of his step sons hygiene and toileting but he is throwing fits about doing that too, but he gets paid to take care of their needs 6 hours a day, but now all he does is sleep. I find myself laying in the dark room all day waiting to wake him up so I can do things I want or need to do. I have a constant headache from stress of my routine changing. I am so lonely and bored all day because of the dark and quiet. I have no friends or family and if I even go to the store while he's sleeping and he wakes up because of light or noise he screams at me and accuses me of having an affair. My anxiety is off the charts and I am unmedicated because my psychiatrist says he doesn't prescribed medicine to patients who self medicate. He has called all places I could go for meds and told them not to prescribe to me so I am only offered counseling every other week. I want a job but my anxiety says different. Sorry so long just me bored in the dark and trying to wake the bear as somebody needs him to help them to the bathroom.


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  • why don't you join a group like meetup to break out of the routine?

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