37 days on Effexor

Just a little update. I been on Effexor for 37 days. Started on a low dose or 37.5 and now I been on 75mg for 9 days. I no longer wake up with the awful morning anxiety and the doomed/panicked/scared/paranoid feeling has faded (knock on wood). That’s all good but it still hasn’t done anything for my Depersonalization/derealization. I still feel very disconnected from myself and reality, intense dream vision (that sometimes I don’t care about when I take Xanax) still feeling like I am trapped in a bubble or looking at myself through a dirty mirror, and I’m still fighting or looking to feel if those soul leaving body dissociative attacks come. So yeaaaaa this is my update. I’m praying that if I keep taking the medication it will snap me back to reality soon and I can put this hell behind me once and for all. Oh and I also been on 0.25mg of Xanax 3 times a day for 4 days now and it does help.


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  • HopingCat, please remember you just had your first counseling session with your new psychiatrist. Work with him and print your post out to show him how you are feeling.

    Don't let yourself fall back into the pattern you have of finding a different therapist or doctor, being very happy with the new therapist or counselor, then almost immediately wanting more change immediately.

    Please hang on and don't let yourself run from this psychiatrist because of your discontent he hasn't even had time to address. Hold tight, this is not your first "rodeo" with this pattern I see you're heading toward...dumping this doctor after only one visit because all your symptoms aren't going away in maybe just several more appointments. Hold tight, ride this out and give the new doctor a chance. xoxo

  • Oh no no I don’t plan on dumping this one or the medications.😁

  • I feel that way all the time I get up with anxiety and the scared what if feelings all the time for months now and don't know why it stops me from doing things all the time and I hate it. I don't know what to do I'm starting to feel like there's no hope.

  • There's always hope and you will get better ,you need to accept whatever anxiety throws at you and just carry on .no matter how bad you feel and it will start to get better .

  • I am glad you are doing better, you will get there! I had a set back today for some reason I am extra dizzy ( I have been flying maybe that's why) and now I am anxious and out of it. Have not felt like this since the beginning. Had a couple panic attacks at well which I had not had for a while. Cross your fingers for me that this will pass. I had some good days and now this. I guess there will always be some bumps in the road.

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