Update on new psychiatrist

Just got back and it went well. He didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. Generalized Anxiety, Dissociative Disorder (Depersonalization/derealization due to anxiety) and symptoms of depression due to Dp/dr. He wants me to continue Effexor 75mg and take 0.25 of Xanax 3 times a day. I don’t know how I feel about taking Xanax 3 times a day. I told him I didn’t want to get addicted and he said “ your fear of getting addicted is what’s going to prevent you from getting addicted” ooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk.... anyways, he was much nicer than the other ones and seemed like he cared. He wants me to call him every week for a report and he even gave me his house number. I am terrified of taking Xanax 3 times a day. But what if the combination fixed whatever imbalance my brain has!!?? Decisions decisions


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  • I've been reading your post but haven't said anything until now. First off I like reading your post because I can tell how positive you are and it gives me hope to push myself to become strong like you are. I suffer from depression and anxiety and know how you feel about depersonalization I to feel not myself like I'm on the outside looking in. Ive been off work for 3 months due to it and I don't know where to go from here because nothing seems to help me but like I said your post for some reason help me some and I hope that you get everthing figured out and become yourself again. Keep pushing like I do everyday and hopefully soon you will get some relief.

  • Hey

    Thanks! All we can do is fight and push. I had this before as a teen and couldn’t keep a job. Then eventually I went back to work and that distraction did help. 16 years later I get this hell again. But as a stay at home mom. The one thing that keeps me going is my kids and husband. And that distraction helps. I’m hardly home. I’m always in and out the house keeping busy with them but the hell of Dp/dr is on top of me all day. I still smile and act like I’m not struggling. One day I hope and pray to be back to normal. Are you on any medications? Or what have you tried? Maybe I asked you this before. I can’t remember.

  • I've been on so many meds I'm currently on zoloft and the doctor just prescribed me Gabapentin I'm not to sure about this doctor it seems like she's just throwing things at me to try and I don't like that at all like I said it's been 3 months and still no relief everyday is so hard that I just want to give up but been staying strong for my kids. Don't really know what to do anymore it sucks to live this way.

  • 4 weeks ago I got prescribed Gabapentin and I took it one day and it made my symptoms worse so I stopped. I kind of regret it because then I read a story about Gabapentin helping someone that helped Dp/dr. So maybe give the medication combo time.

  • I want to give it time but just like you the side effects made me feel drugged and tired so dont know if i should keep taking it or not. It's a damn struggle everyday I feel like I'm losing my mind.

  • I feel your pain. It’s been a struggle for me for 7 months. It feels like I am going to disappear any minute now or wake up from a coma. It’s disturbing what the brain can do to people. How long have you been on the Gabapentin? I read that the drowsiness fades eventually.

  • I just started taking Gabapentin I'm supposed to take it 3 times a day or as needed which don't make since to me so I haven't really been taking it to much just at night so I don't really have to stay awake for the side effects. I just hope and pray that I get better soon I can't keep on doing this everyday.

  • I had to take it 3 times a day also... 600mg? Try it 3 times a day. Like I said, someone wrote good things about it. It helped with the Dp.

  • I'm going to i hope it helps

  • Ok, Magnolia, there you go again.....getting Xanax but afraid to take it....you are a beautiful broken record. Take the darn medicine. Alprazolam is the generic less expensive "Xanax".

    I take 2 mg a day...one in the morning and 1 in evening. It works for me but it takes awhile, and please never stop taking it suddenly.....I accidentally did that last year and had a seizure.

    Doesn't mean that you will have a seizure, just means that stupid me had one.

    Just don't stop any medication suddenly, get physician care in weaning off it.

    And I am not addicted. Just need to have it with my pain meds for my body not to object. If I can go a bit lower on the pain meds, probably can stop the alprazolam if I don't get anxious.

    I see my doctor once a month for 15 minutes for med check.

  • I’m going to try and take it. I have no other choice

  • Sedatives don't fix imbalances only anti depressants. I'd say he is trying to calm you down and hope it breaks the dp you're having but as you get use to the Xanax he'll have to up the dose to get the same benefits. If I were you I'd search for a specific dp shrink.

  • I know. I am on antidepressants called Effexor. I was just saying that maybe the Effexor plus the Xanax might help with this hell I am in. But I’m still scared to take Xanax 3 times a day.

  • Yeah you wouldn't get me taking that amount, it's alot but if it helps you get better then good, but if it doesn't you're in a bigger mess !.

  • This is a renowned shrink who did her dissertation on DP. You need to contact her.

    She is a professor at UCLA.


  • She is 3 hours away from me and doesn’t take my insurance

  • Okay ....

  • Good luck with it all. Make a committment and stick to it. Indecision adds to anxiety in a HUGE way. Accept his advice. Take the medication as prescribed. Give yourself a chance to stabilise and calm down. Set yourself a goal time wise- say 4 months and then go back to him and review your progress. Then take the next step. Which could be continue or it could be modify. You need to give these things a decent run. It is NOT a quick solution. Keep a diary to chart your moods and progress.

  • Check out the book "feeling unreal" by Daphne Simeon. It has recomendations for meds. Perhaps it has recommendations for specialists? Not sure where she is from. First really good well researched book on the disorder.

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