Pins and Needles

So my anxiety and panic attacks has got a bit better with using mediation and don't have as many panic attack which used to be several daily. But I have had pins and needles in my legs and vibrating feet the last few days and the odd muscle spasms and I assume that's through anxiety affecting the nerves in my legs that has caused this. If it doesn't go away in a week I'll go to the doctors to double check but don't want to go yet incase he thinks I am being a hypochondriac.


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  • I know exactly what you're talking about. The pins and needles / numbness kind of feeling is quite normal with anxiety. I'm on Prozac for about two months and I still get that feeling off and on, it's normal. Apparently anxiety can cause over 100 physical symptoms. My worst is health anxiety such as I'm gonna stop breathing or fall over dead at any given time . It's disturbing but nothing more than anxiety making us think things. You'll be ok I promise .

  • Thank you, I know I over worry I get these feeling and start worrying something is seriously wrong with me such as neurological and I'm gonna die and my worst habit is googling it. I need to stop as it was a heart attack before with my heart always racing but that has got better and don't notice it as much anymore only at night. Didn't realise there was over 100 physical symptoms.

  • I get these same pins and needles and such muscle tension also. I too Google everything and really need to stop cause it makes it worse. Ive been on celexa 3 weeks and praying it helps with this. Feel better soon

  • I'm on Prozac 20 mg about a month and a half were now raising it .

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