How to survive this panic atacks?

Every day it's geting worese. I go to bed at night and I sleep no pain no simptoms I wake up in the morning and after couple of minutes it's starts pain in my arms back chest I don't even know where else and I feel so week sometimes to move my hands they feel like frozen I never been this bad I can't take my mind from bad thoughts like I am having a heart atack or something bad.Yesterday I don't eaven know how I survived my panic atack with nobody noticing we were out and I was so bad I thought I was going to faint I don't even remember the conversation on the table. I am on the edge of another panic atack because I don't know what is wrong with me all this strange pain and feelings. Is someone else's has this when they have panic atack please help.


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  • I do. I get neck and shoulder and chest pain on and off. I have GERD which makes it worse. What helps me is medication and I went through a chiropractor and therapy sessions. I still do get pain from time to time but my anxiety does not get as bad.

  • on You Tube check out a 2 minute video on Mind Hack it is a way to use your breathing to fool the body into believing you are calm and it is excellent for panic attacks etc I would post the link but it's not allowed due to adds it's by an anxiety group called Bigthink hope it helps you :)

  • Thank you Pet9 I will find it

  • if u can't let me know and I will send the link to you in a DM

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