Almost 7 months with depersonalization/derealization

I'm like damn roller coaster. Up and down up and down and when I'm down I'm dowwwwwwwwwwwn. So sick of this. I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so tired of walking around like I have a cloud covering my face. Looking through a dirty mirror feeling. Like a bubble that needs to be popped. Is that ever going to go away? Does anyone know what I'm talking about. I feel like I'm drowning with this hell. I'm such a good actress too. No one notices something is wrong. They can't tell I'm crumbeling in the inside and fighting my brain and body all day. ALL DAY LONGGGGGGG for almost 7 months. I'm tired. I'm not crawled up in a corner feeling sorry for myself. I been doing everything like normal to see if I can snap back and nothing really seems to work. Some of the awful symptoms slowly faded but they try to creep up once in a while. And I'm literally fighting all day with a smile.


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  • Hi I know how you are feeling I went through severe anxiety for 9 months and thought I would go mad ! Couldn't sleep ,eat,think straight. Headaches.hard to breathe you name it I had it.I couldn't relax even when I was exhausted.then purchased Dr Claire weeks book self- help for your nerves.and this book changed my life.nearly everything I was experiencing was in this book.

  • Did you have Dp/dr?

  • You probably look for your DP every minute of every day, and you'll find it !! so it will never go until you let it go.

  • I really do. That's all I think about all day long for 7 months.

  • There's your problem !! And it's your vision too. I bet if you looked for it now you'd find it !

  • Yep. It's here 24/7. It sucks. My vision is the worse

  • I have it also ... makes you feel really bizarre and like you're just going through the motions but you're not really present . I can tell you what . It has gotten better than it once was . It mild now whereas at one point my reflection scared me . I don't know the real was to cure it but I've heard many ppl overcome it . Mine usually is least apparent when I'm busy but when I have less going on here comes the dream-like state again . I know you pain to a T. I really hope this passes soon because I want to enjoy my life 😞

  • Oh yes I had strange weird feelings like the I was looking at the world from behind a window if that makes sense.? I used to look at people walking by and think why are all these people all OK and I feel like I'm in a dream etc.strange feelings but I promise you its just anxiety making you feel like this.hard to believe but true.I am now back to normal no weird feeling eating well and sleeping so much better.why you may ask ? Because I now accept my days where I'm feeling a bit anxious or tired and I just let the thoughts pass through my mind.and tell myself its just a thought nothing else and carry on with what I'm will get better just keep telling yourself they are just thoughts and anxiety and it will pass! But you have to have faith in yourself and believe in yourself.

  • Yep! That's me. I feel like I am looking through a dirty mirror, in a bubble that needs to be popped, dream state 24/7 and so on. It's hell

  • I've been there and its horrible but you will get better you must keep telling yourself are feeling like this because every nerve in your body is tense and its sending out all the wrong signals .I've got to relax my mind and accept them.

  • Ohhhhh my God yes!!!! I often get really jealous of other ppl because they feel normal . But I think about everyone is fighting their own battle and we are fighting something. I'm scared that I won't recover . I just feel like I'm that rare case . It just sucks soooo bad that our minds can do this to our perception of reality . I love life I just want to enjoy it ... I hope mine goes away also

  • Are you taking any medication? I am on day 21 of Effexor. But it's such a low dose that it's not helping.

  • No im not on any meds. The thought of medications makes me soooooo nervous and in terrified of it .

  • I was the same way until I realized there's nothing more scarier than this hell

  • That's true . I'll get passed my fear eventually cause I need some relief

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