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Hi all, I been on this medication twice in the past. I have been off for almost 5 months.

I Am currently going through some anxiety again and debating starting my medication. My only issue is I am a huge researcher and reading pages on side

Effects and things that have happened to people, then I dwell on those things and scares me from starting my medication. Any positive feedback greatly appreciated.

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anxiousone, I never research meds that I'm prescribed, I don't even read the insert. It's not that I'm not afraid of any side effects, I'm like everyone else. The difference is I don't want to be influenced before I even try the med. I let someone know I'm about to take a new medication, I write down the time, the name of the med and the dosage. I then go on with my day or evening. I do not just sit down and anticipate what may or may not happen. I say when not focusing on the med and taking a leap of faith that it will help me, I have beaten anxiety. After all, the chances of anything happening are about 1% out of 100. The drug companies are afraid of suits and to cover themselves, they must tell the public all the possibilities that may happen. I hope you do take the medication and start feeling better. We are behind you in this. Let us know when you do xx


The soundest bit of advice I have ever read. I do exactly the same as yourself. The most difficult aspect for me is not telling people my details. I am diabetic and so carry an ID plastic card together with two bangles on my arm with contact details of my GP and my son. Thankfully all my hypos have happened at home and even though I live alone I have managed with my glucose tablets and whatever, a sandwich a little later and to date, I have coped. I do though note down the psychotropic medications I take and carry my details in my wallet and at home. I hope people read your advice and then follow it.


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