Panic attack again

Last night I had a panic atack realy bad and today I went to my doctor to check me why I have pain in mu left arm back and breast and he just gave me some pain pills and send me home when I came home I started checking my breasts because I thought it's were the pain is coming and the panic starts I can fell erything that I think in my brain and I started crying and straggling to breathe I was thinking just how to get to hospital my husband was outside but he can't understand how can I be like this and think the worst do it takes about half an hower I somehow calm a little before he came and I didnt tell him anything. I am so scared that this going to hapend again tonight it's so hard and exsosting I don't want my kids to see me like that. I don't know how to put my bad thoughs out of my mind it's impossible.


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  • Hey, I'm so sorry you're going through this 😔😔😔😔I feel your pain so much... for me right now it is so hard for me to get all of these negative thoughts out of my mind awaiting my blood tests results. It's like if you try to think positive your brain makes you think you won't be prepared for bad news, at least that's how I feel 😔 You're going to be fine and everything is going to be okay. Sometimes when I feel my thoughts are so loud At night, I stay on the blog until I get so tired i can't keep my eyes opened. And I use this app called "white noise" to fall asleep to. It has so many different choices for nature sounds and it's so soothing and helps me get to sleep. I just found it a couple nights ago because my anxiety got so bad that I was hearing buzzing in my ears every time I dozed off and I found this app to play while I'm sleep, maybe you cab try it too?...

  • Thank you Ryryfify I will try I know that feeling I want to feel positive and forget about everything but my brain it's saying beter be prepared for the worst and it's like I am trapped in my brain it's exsosting

  • It's soooooooo exhausting and tiring, LITERALLY, it just wipes out all your energy smh and I've started feeling depressed too because of this smh. And yes try! I think it may help relax you

  • I will try I hope it can help.Sorry for asking Ririwife where you from is there a chance you are from Australia?

  • Scarediam, you've no need to worry and get yourself upset like this, believe me. You may well think your doctor is a fool but he's not, they have a special instinct for telling when something is serious or not. If your doctor even suspected there was a physical problem then he or she wouldn't have just sent you away with some pain killers.

    Breathlessness is a prime symptom of anxiety and the pains could be due to anxiety too as it causes tension in the muscles in the chest area or it might be one of those idiopathic pains that comes for no reason and goes. Who knows but it's not serious. Your nerves are playing tricks on you as they do on us all, nothing terrible is going to happen to you, believe me, and the issue now is that you're frightening yourself half to death with unnecessary worry. Take the painkillers, see if they help, but most important start to relax. Sit down, feel every myscle in your limbs, body, head relax and go limp. Take in a deep breath slowly, hold it, then let it outslowly and repeat. This releases natural tranquilising hormones that will be helpful to you.

    The power of anxiety to harm you is limited, you are not going to die or be incapacitated or anything like that, I assure you. So just accept the discomfort for the moment, let the anxious feelings wash over you and do not fight them, just accept them. This will help yiur nerves to recover.

    Nothing bad is going to happen to you, what you are experiencing happens to many here every day. You overcome it by reducing the amount of fear you are generating, all is well, everything is going to be fine, believe me.

    If you are still worried in a few days tim3 go back to your doc abd ask for a second opinion but then you must accept that opinion. So just stay calm and go about your normal business.

  • Thank you Jeff1943 I am trying everything to calm myself it's so hard every single little pain I can feel it now I felt deep under my left side and I think it's my heart I just want to have peace in my head.

  • That was me.... had a work up and heart is fine. It's layers of trigger points... massage, chiro, and physical therapy have helped. Now if they could only stop my anxiety 🤔

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