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This is a tirt time I write today it's night now and I can sleep I am having a panic atack I tryed to manige my anxiety those last five days but today it's been very hard I am having this pain in my left arm its also at the back front and breast and I think is it something with my heart or breast cancer and I try to calm myself my kids are sleeping and can't go to doctor now. How can I calm myself and go through the night.

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I have had the same thing I drank some camomile tea with honey and used my lavender oil under my nose and back of my neck took deep breath and with every exhale said breath next breath said calm and next stayed I am in control.. sounds odd but it worked. Hope you feel better.


Thank you Wyominganxiety I always cary with me lavender oil I know it helps but sometimes nothing helps for me.


Scarediam, panic attacks are a horrible feeling caused by anxiety, but the power of anxiety is limited, it may frighten us half to death but it's not life threatening and can't disable you or send you crazy. Don't worry, you're not going to feel like this for ever, calmer days will come I promise you. You must have been under a lot of pressure recently and it's left its toll on your nerves.

For reassurance, when you do go to the doctor tell him about your pains, you must do that, but it does sound like anxiety to me because you do suffer from anxiety and anxiety is very clever at mimicing real physical illness and anxiety pains in the arm and chest area are very common. So don't worry yourself that it's heart or cancer, all of us nut cases here think we've got some form of heart disease or cancer at least 4 times a year but you know what, Scarediam, it never is.

Everything IS going to be alright, just let your whole body relax, feel the muscles in your limbs, your body, even your head relaxing and going limp. Sit down for a few minutes and imagine a wave of relaxation washing over you.

I think your pains are all caused by muscular tension. But it's still important to get the reassurance of your doctor. Nothing bad is going to happen to you I assure you, most of us on this forum have had the same symptoms and feelings as you.

What's fuelling your panic attacks and pains is the fear that you're constantly flooding your nervous system with. So ibstead of fighting and fearing I suggest you just accept the bad feelings for the moment, accept them calmly and with a minimum of fear. Fighting only causes more tension so instead you should simply accept the pains and panics, let them come, they can't hurt you, you can even carry on doing things despite them.

If you can begin to accept them and respond with less fear then you have won your first victory on the road to your recovery. All things will be well, Scarediam, all troubles pass and so will yours, just refuse to be bullied by anxiety all the time and you will regain your peace of mind, I promise you.

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Thank you very much Jeff1943 for me all started 5 years ago I was in my 20 when I have a realy bad couple of years very stressful also I had one cancer scare from a doctor who I think is responsible for my anxiety today from nothing I end up in emergency with very bad panic atack and from that time my anxiety became worse.


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