New to this. I was reading through certain posts about chest pains that relates to mine. I'm 24 and recently have been having problems with pains and tightness in my chest. I've been to A and E twice and medical centre all within two weeks. Had two ECG's and two sets of bloods takin and a chest x ray, all were clear. Every time I get this tightness and pain I feel like this is it, something bad is going to happen to me or there's something seriously wrong. I'm on anti reflux tablets now after taking naproxen for apparent muscle damage but still feel something's been missed. Can anyone elaborate to this. Also I've never had any anxiety problems in the past or panic attacks so unsure what it's like.


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  • Hi Ben23, Naproxen will play a number with your reflux problem or even cause it. The fact that you have been cleared of any heart or lung issues and had blood tests taken, you have probably been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. What I believe you are feeling in your chest is coming from the tight muscles in your chest wall. Having nothing to do with your heart. It can be painful because those tight muscles press on nerves in the rib cage.

    This symptom is one of the classic ones for anxiety due to the fear we display. Our negative thoughts feed into our bodily symptoms causing more fear, causing more tenseness, causing more pain. Round and round we go. Thru the forum you can find the help and support as well as understanding of what you are experiencing. It is not life threatening and not a dire situation. Keep coming onto the forum and exchange your journey as well as any ideas you may have.

    Keep positive :)

  • This really helps me out a lot by reading this. Thank you Agora! I'll keep reading as well as writing.

  • Thanks for this! Been going through this for four days now. I've been to the doctor everything's fine but I can feel my muscles tensing up in my shoulders automatically rise up to my neck. So that makes everything hurt. And I keep telling myself you're OK everything's OK and it'll ease up but it slowly comes back as soon as my mind wanders so I have to stay busy.

  • Hope it helps you. It's hard when they say every things ok and you feel it's not, really not a nice feeling. My partner had real bad anxiety and is advising me to keep busy and not sit down thinking about it. I keep feeling the need to re visit A & E every time it gets too much.

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