Day 3 Off Weed - Post 2

Right now I don't feel so anxious, but the anxiety usually peaks at night, when I'm in bed. A friend just called me and invited me over later to go and smoke and have dinner, it took some effort to refuse the craving but I said no. Even though my friends smoke 3-4 times a week they are understanding with me because they know I physically need it, so they won't pressure me to do it or offer any if I tell them that I'm trying to quit. Besides the anxiety, boredom is my biggest enemy. As an addict I used to think every single activity was more fun while high (watching TV, playing games, working out, listening to music, showering), and now I don't feel like doing anything because I'm not high and it feels like it won't be fun. I know the first days are the hardest so I hope I can make it clean through this week and, particularly, the weekend. Also hope that once I drive it out of my system the anxiety (not just the withdrawal anxiety, but the social one) will decrease and I can be able to be a normal, human being that can talk to others.

I will try to write a post everyday as a sort of journal to myself and to anyone who wishes to read. I'm grateful for any advice or comments.


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  • I smoked weed for 12 years everyday and when I quit I could taste it in my mouth and my mouth would water when I thought about it. Really hard craving too. It took me 3 attempts to quit. Not had a spliff for about 8 years now, I went on to quit smoking too.

  • I have heard marijuana can make me paranoid.

  • Yeah I use to be paranoid when i fist started but u get use to it

  • I dont like using the word "addicted" but I did have a problem and was a major stoner til earlier this year. I understand how it feels and how it seems like everything is more fun when you're high but it does get better. I stopped back in April and after about a month or two I stopped having any desire for it whatsoever because it feels so much better to be clear headed. You'll be really happy and proud of yourself when you get through it! Try getting out of the house and just learning to enjoy things without it. I also recommend looking into meditations and breathing exercises which also helped me when I had cravings for weed and cigarettes too.

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