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Hello again.. worried still

Hello guys I've posted on this before, I'm still feeling rubbish my body feels weak and dizzy.. I get loads of muscle twitching all over my body which is making me even more anxious, I can't relax I'm constantly worried about my health. I want to feel normal again. I'm worried soo much about these physical symptoms. Please can anyone help and explain.. this group is so supportive it makes me feel a bit better. Xxz

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Megan, you should always go and check out symptoms with your doctor for reassurance. But if you're told that physically you're fine then it's anxiety and what you describe as the 'physical symptoms' are in fact not physical but are the symptoms of an over sensitive nervous system. Fatigue, dizziness and muscle twitches are all common symptoms of high anxiety but they won't develop into anything serious so you shouldn't worry about that. Of course they're annoying, you don't feel at your best, but don't let them frighten you half to death because anxiety thrives on fear. However, the power of anxiety is limited, it's not life threatening or disabling and it can't send you crazy.

What caused your nervous system to become over sensitised only you cansay: worry, stress, overwork and dusappointment can all be contenders. But if you can just accept these bad feelings without fear and as calmly as you can then in time you can recover - because you are denying the fuel that your sensitive nerves thrive on - fear.

Hypochondria is very common among people with anxiety disorders but don't go looking for physical illnesses that aren't there: just accept the nervous symptoms for the time being and in the fullness of time they will pass and you will regain peace of mind once more.

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