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How can you help someone you hurt

Hi its me again.. so I recently fucked up with my fiance with te same type of thing verbal cheating but different person I have a feeling its my past that is creating this committment issues but deep down i know i love her.. iknow many of ou are gonna say its not love if you keep hurting her or its not love if you do that nut if you read my post about my life story maybe you would see i have no clue what love is since I was never truly shown it.. i know what i feel for this woman i just dont know how to show im sincerely sorry and that im going to get the help that i need.. my words mean nothing and shes in her town starving herself barely giving me the time of day.. she says we will see the next step once I show i mgetting the help i need.. but thats going to be a month from now because its labor day and all the therapists i think will be good are going to be flooded or busy.. im still going to fill out the forms and get to the bottom of my issues.. but right now I need to know what i cAn do or say that will help her take care of herself and get her out of the gutter before she finds someone else to help her get out of the gutter.. please i do not want to lose her and I want to truly show her i am willing to do anything even lose my privacy and getting a spy app or what ever means necessary to regain her faith in our relationship i will be treating it like amnesia and have her fall in love all over again she tells me she doubts it and that i will gi e up but im not giving up because I truly want her I could very easily give up and that would show i truly didnt care but im trying to fight and show her i truly messed up and what she says is why is it always when it is too late you beg for forgivness and want to change but it only lasts for mknths maybe evem weeks she said how would this tome be different and id answer and she would OK me or just laugh in my face which then frustrates me but i remember I did this to her and desever every bit of laughs and oks.. i did this and now im trying to fix this and it aint gonna be an easy road but someone please gice some decent advice on how to help her not starve herself and thjnk life is pointless to live through i really scarred her and im really regretful but she wont even see it i know time will tell bit i fear too much time she will move past me which i probably deserve but only the strongest will survive and love conquers all.. i just dont know what to say or do... im helpless and i hate feeling helpless and not abel to repair what i have broken :/ i fucking hate it

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Hey read your post. I know it was 5 days ok so i dont know what happened from then till now. But i just want to say once you break someones trust its really, really hard to get it back. I know from experience because it was done to me and im not with him anymore because of it. So if you really want to fix things just be there for her. Stop messing around. Go to your therapy. If you need to reasure her and she feels like it will help get the spy app. But trusting you again will take time and i just want you to know that she will never truly trust you again. As far as helping her with her depression, there is not much you can do. This is how she deals so only she can get herself out of that slump it will pass eventually. So just continue to behave and prove to her you will change.


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