Chest Pain. Doing my head in

So today my problem is my right side of chest is hurting. Not a lot but a niggling pain. I keep feeling it and am sure that I can feel a pulse. Now really worried about possibly a burst vein or artery. I am probably over thinking. It's like burning sensation. This can be normal in anxiety right?? Muscle tension and tightness. God it's making me feel anxious.


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  • Hi sandy1710 when we are anxious we get all sorts of aches and pains and tightness in chest back even stomache.what I do when my chest feels tight is to take a paracetamol and if it gets better or goes away.I know its just anxiety.if it was serious the pain would be very bad and I'm sure a paracetamol will help you.

  • Sandy 1710 hope you are soon feeling better. I once pushed up from the sofa and had terrible pain in my chest for over a week ,until I gave in and went to see doctor she said I had pulled a muscle can't remember what the muscle was called .but she said all you can do is take paracetamol for the pain can take few weeks till pain was very painful for few weeks then just went.

  • Yeah I kno there are 10001 reasons why it will be hurting but I have to assume the worse. I am convinced it's my heart though but what can we do. It's strange how a walk calms me down when I'm worried when it's my heart I'm worried about but the walk is putting more strain on my heart. Ahhhhh it's such a mess. Thinking you are dying is not cool

  • I know Sandy1710 I live alone and had some terrible anxiety /panic attacks when my mum died suddenly last Nov .I was heartbroken and then got this terrible anxiety .but I am now feeling much better but I did CBT treatment which I found very good.hope you are soon feeling better.

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