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rocking sensation

Hi all,

I have shared my story a few times and I started with BPV and some headaches...I fixed the BPPV but now I have this constant rocking/floating sensations with the odd rush of spinning (that part is going away). I wonder if the anxiety of being worried about BPPV has caused this constant floating/rocking sensation.

Is this a symptom of anxiety?

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You might want to join: MAV (sometimes painless, silent migraines but with the spinning and rocking); PPPD/Chronic Subjective Dizziness, both on Facebook. Your story is shared by thousands, and although anxiety seems to play a role, it doesn't appear to be whole story and researchers are studying it. The groups discuss different treatments, some conventional ones like meds and various supplements and herbs. I'm now only day seven of Effexor XR "microdosing", that is, removing a few beads (at three now) from a 37.5 mg capsule. A protocol which some neuros are now following.


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