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Pain in hand from outlet plug no direct contact

Few mins ago like 20 now the tv wasn't turning on so I had to adjust the plug better in the wall

Suddenly there was a white / silver current I made no direct contact with my hand &

There are no burn marks I didn't pass out my hand & fingers do hurt a bit there all tingly too

Will I be ok

Trying not to google...

what should I do ?

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Hey, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine, if it keeps bothering you you can always go to the er and get it checked.

For now try sitting back and relaxing, get your mind on something else

Hope you do well



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No problem ☺️


You will be completely fine! Guaranteed! I know us people with anxiety and panic always want to think the VERY worst about almost any situation. However if anything was to happen it more than likely would have happened the second it happened. Nothing later down the road, keep your head up!

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