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Needing answers

I believe my anxiety stems from needing reasons why with physical symptoms. My anxiety started about 4 years ago and over the years the physical symptoms have manifested differently, but when I was pregnant I didn't have any! Then when I delivered 2.5 months ago it has slowly come back. It's not terrible and I do what I can for coping but does anyone have any tricks to beat it for good?! I hate feeling trapped in my own mind.

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I feel the same hun... What are your physical symptoms


Right now it's a tension in my eyes that has a lot of pressure and makes my brain feel like it's in a fog. There's no precursor and it comes and goes. I have an eye doctor appointment to rule out any actual vision issue but I'm wondering if this is an anxiety. I know when I first started getting it I would get anxious about it but then I chalked it up to anxiety or eyesight. I also have been getting like a weak muscle sensation, but I am weaning and know I have a lot of hormone things going on to. I just don't want to obsess over these physical ailments anymore.

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Hi sammy, I had my baby 6 months ago and as soon as o started my cycle again all problems came I'm wondering to if my hormones are out of balance! I've had so many physical symptoms I can't believe its anxiety I don't even feel anxious I've had lots of horrible head sensations like prickling burning up my neck and scalp/ pressure and numbness and tingling in my head I'm on day 3 of citalopram and I'm praying these take it away 😢


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