Really anxious right now. I start my new job Monday and have no money left for gas or food while I'm away at training. I accidentally killed a patch of grass and I'm afraid my ex bf who shares the house will be mad. I've been worried all day. He still hasn't made it home from work. I've been pacing the house and feel extremely nauseous. If I'm anxious when he gets here he will get frustrated with me. I've tried deep breathing. I've tried holding a comfort object. I can't sit still. Don't know what to do.


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  • I'm sorry lady. Feel free to reach out to vent. Lay back and concentrate on breathing maybe. That kinda helps me refocus my awareness to that and not the stressor

  • Can you go for a walk? It could burn off the anxiety

  • I've calmed down now. Thanks everyone!

  • That's good :-) embrace calm, be happy within the instant :-)

  • Do you have a old Tennis Ball and a long sock you can put ball into, if so sounds really silly but does help stand with back against wall and try hitting ball off wall at different angles , left side right side above head if space permits and between legs , it will focus your mind away from your fear . I know it is a bit late for you waiting for your Ex to get home , but give it a try nest time your feeling anxious .

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