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Stomach hurts, someone please help

It just happened randomly I don't know why, I woke from a nap and had a cookie, then minutes later my stomach started to hurt. It's not menstral cramps, I've tried going to the bathroom but nothing, the pain has eased, it has come and gone.

I'm scared know and shaking a little, I don't know what to do or want to take. Please help

I'm trying to keep calm by breathing, it almost feeling like an ache now

Any advise please

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Maybe it is a combination of anxiety and eating the cookie, when you have anxiety it can disruption your digestion, maybe you should try to not eat sugar also

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I just had a thought, since I've been having anxiety all week I haven't eaten much just small snakes like fruits. But I remembered I had a spicy instant noodle earlier and that's the only "meal" I've had in days. I'm guessing the spice and not having eaten caused the pain? I'm still a little shaken


Yes that could’ve! especially if you haven’t eaten much else, if your having a hard time eating maybe you could eat a boiled egg, or rice? as they’re easier for your body to digest! Also bananas are one of the best food if your having stomach troubles

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Two things came to mind when I read your post because I have had experiences similar to yours more times than I could count. I cannot eat sugar on an empty stomach, and I cannot eat for at least one hour after I've been lying down. If I do either one of those things, I will have sharp pain in my stomach for hours. Also, those instant Ramen meals have MSG in them. Many people have stomach problems from MSG. I am a person who cannot eat it without having severe stomach pain. I use a brand of digestive enzymes that help the pain go away. I hope you are feeling better by now. If not, I'd recommend that you see a doctor, and you could possibly benefit from seeing a nutritionist to find out what you can eat to avoid irritating your stomach. I feel for you! Also, if you are having anxiety, I can highly recommend the book, "DARE: the new way to and anxiety and stop panic attacks," by Barry McDonagh. It is a very helpful book!


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