Anxiety again 😩

Feeling so anxious today....and also discouraged because I’ve being trying to eat pretty healthy for months and I don’t seem to be getting better 😢I’ve gone to the dr several times for side/colon is sore but he thought it from stress....told me to go off dairy anyway. I have been drinking coffee but I’ll stop and see if that helps...I’ve also had lose (I’ve never seen blood in it either) bowls for awhile and then yesterday and today for the first time in months I’ve had constipation and I don’t know what from 😩 (also sorry for the TMI) I’m just feeling discouraged that I’ll never get better and that something awful is wrong that it will never heal, as I’ve never seen someone who has a sore colon...

Sorry for this...just don’t know what to do with myself today :( tired of being anxious all the time


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  • Hi Wilburbudgirl, could you have IBS? The things you describe are me to a T. Stress makes things worse. Anxious thoughts about if you're going to be ok when you go out etc. I've suffered with this for 20 years+ so it's sorting out foods which can trigger the pain. I have to stay away from onions, tomatoes, lettuce ( really bad) and citrus fruits to name a few. It's worth having a look at the IBS support group if you find out that this is a problem. I suffer from anxiety from my IBS - good luck xx

  • I’m not sure....because my stomach doesn’t hurt just my side feeling sore

  • The changes to your bowel habits is a sign of IBS i.e. Going from loose stools to constipation x

  • Was thinking IBS too which I have. Very much linked to stress and anxiety. Keep a food diary and look at FODMAP to see what foods might be your triggers. I am gluten/wheat free and mostly dairy free. It's a lot to do with the sugars in food and our inability to digest them properly. When we are stressed/anxious or struggling with certain foods this can affect the motility of the gut - how the food moves along causing all sorts of digestive issues. You will need to ask your doctor about trying mebeverine which may help. However in the long term you will need to address your stress and anxiety triggers through counselling, cbt, meditation etc to help you manage all of your symptoms. Good luck x

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