I feel like I'm dying

So I'm the type of person that stresses even when there is nothi to stress about I'm SOOOO stressed 24/7 and anxious and I get all the symptoms and feel like I'm gonna die. Just a while ago I had sudden tighteness in heart area and burning sensation and literally thought I was gonna collapsed the pain is probably gonna come back well that's all I can think about please help

Update: ladies do you feel your syptoms are worse during a certain time of the month??

And in general do you guys get really bad hot and then cold flashes?


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  • I stress about everything and feel your pain, I've somehow managed to control the severe anxiety/ chest pains/ headaches etc. but I still don't stop thinking about every little twinge in my body, every time I step out of the door, or I read a news story about someone dying or an illness etc. It drives me mad, but just try to breathe first and foremost, easier said than done I know but you'll just tire yourself to ache all over xx

  • Yes me too!! As soon as soemone mentions so and so died from a heart attack or something I literally go into panic mode and make the pain happen. The heart/chest pains last for days and days and I literally feel like when I sleep I will wake up and feel so much better but as soon as a I open my eyes it's the same again. I hope you're doing much much better and improve!! Good luck and thanks for the advice xx

  • Bless you, I am exactly the same. I will wake up feeling fine, only to remind myself I don't feel achy anymore, then bam they're back in full force :) I go on holiday for a few days tomorrow so fingers crossed I can clear my head for a while. Good luck to you to, stay in touch xx

  • Yes feeling normal never seems normal for me 🙂 And it's great that you have something to distract yourself with!! Enjoy your holiday and make sure to stay in touch too- whenever you need help just message me because I'm sure I'll be able to relate tc xx

  • Dont b afraid of the pain if it comes bak jus b strong.

  • That's what I feel like I'm gonna do, defeat the pain. But I can't I always feel like the next time it comes its gonna fully take me away 😩:((

  • Try not to b afraid of death.it works .thats wat cause our fairs death.

  • Youre not alone i feel the same way too. But still i keep moving on no matter how hard it is😊.

  • If only it was as easy as saying we need to get over stress!! It's much harder. And I have to keep moving too as I have failed enough in life as a result. Thank you so much for replying and hope one day you feel normal again without worrying at all, good luck 😊

  • Hey.. Check my post and read other replies.. Because we are in the same shoes huhuhhhh.....

  • Sounds like mindfulness will help. It's not a quick cure. Or cbt. Mindfulness trains you to stop and not let the thoughts overcome and become real- they're just thoughts (incl. Subconcious ones) and cognitive behavioural therapy (which you could read and practice) also aims to rationalise thought. Meantime hopefully doc will offer appropriate support with xanax or other.

  • Thanks you so much it's 8.49 and I'm

    Already awake and stressing 🙂

  • Hi Hun, I have health anxiety as well so I 100% get what you're saying. Death is my biggest biggest fear and I'm always checking my pulse. My dr recently gave me some advice which has been helping me. He said we watch gymnasts and they never fall or faulter and that's because to get that way they fell a lot! We need to keep falling so that we can get to a point where we don't fall anymore. Laughably I say I'm practicing life :) but it does help me. I keep telling myself I've just got to keep falling :) big hugs xxxx

  • Hello!! And thank you for replying, wow that's true you everyone falls at some point too. Hope your enjoying doing much much better xxx

  • Yes! The chest tightness is the worst, especially when I get this heaviness feeling when I'm breathing, like it reminds me of what someone with asthma would feel like. But I do find around my period it does get worse.

  • Yesss I thought it wasn't only me with the whole period situation, went to the doctors today and literally said ''I think there's something wrong with my heart'' my doctor looked at me as though I was stupid she said I was perfectly fine and gave me a tablet for gas as I do get really bad heartburn!! Anyways you're well!!!, don't hesitate to message me too as I feel like we have something in common on these grounds and good luck xx

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