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advice ?

hello there, i have severe anxiety - to the point it makes me physically ill. I am supposed to go with close family friends to something i would love to go to. However, I am too afraid to go cause I am too scared of feeling ill and sick all day (and from being in a car). This is something I really want to do but my anxiety is getting in the way and ruining another thing I wish I could enjoy like a normal person

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What are your physical symptoms hun


nausea, head aches, and occasional diarrhea (sorry, gross)

and then the common such as - hot flashes, stammering heart, stomach pain, etc :(

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Hi findngtss.

There really is no quick fix for your anxiety dilemma which is usually treated with talking therapies and/or medication.

In the meantime, can I suggest your try Structured problem solving (SPS). This a well known strategy to address issues in a constructive and outcome-oriented fashion.

When you find yourself with a problem, first ask yourself "can this problem be solved? Can I do anything about the situation I am in? What can be changed?

SPS involves 6 steps:-

1. Define the problem

2. Generate possible solutions

3. Evaluate possible solutions

4. Decide on action - formulate a plan

5. Implement the action

6. Evaluate - how effective was it

I have done a worksheet with my psychologist which was adapted from cci.health.wa.gov.au

If you haven't already, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss a formal treatment plan. Most anxiety can be overcome with time and good therapy :)


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