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Hi I have been feeling shakey and haven't been able to feel my legs and arms for a couple of days and now I am lying in bed and legs r shaking again and I feel really dizzy I sent to hospital last night and they did blood tests and stuff and nothing was wrong but I am worried I do suffer from anxiety but I have only ever had one thing that I get from it and that's a tight feeling around my throats which I haven't got now

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You are not alone. When I am in a state of high anxiety especially while sleeping I'll wake up with similar sensations in my feet legs arms and hands. Anxiety is a strong beast! It migrates to different parts of the body causing havoc, mostly because we let it do so. Talk to your general practitioner good luck

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Just out of interest , did they take your temperature ?

Anxiety can present in so many ways sounds highly likely that's the cause .. But take your temp and keep us updated !


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