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What's happening???

Hello, I've been on holiday recently and only got back on Monday 13th August 2017 and since i got back i've been having diarrhoea and been really tired each day and only today this morning i've been eating the rest of my chinese from last night then went out to see friends and since early this afternoon i felt a bit sick but felt like i was going to be as it was nearer my throat than anything, been wanting to sit down when i normally walk all the time, not wanting to eat, been feeling a bit more sick with the smells from shops/pubs and being sat in the sun eating the shade, and been really worn out/no energy. i wouldn't think this is good poisoning as i've had that before and it was only cramps i had. I still feel it now and it's 10:42pm where i am!!

Please someone help me out! i have an interview tomorrow as well!! :( :/

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So sorry that your body is betraying you now...but glad it didn't happen while on holiday. If you didn't check with your doctor yet, perhaps you should call and reschedule your interview. Let the interviewer what is happening and set another date. Certain he/she will understand and appreciate you calling and not wanting to come in and pass this "bug" to him/her. Feel better soon. :)

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Could you be pregnant? The smells are a big thing when you are.Everything is heightened.If not its probably either a bad chinese or simple tummy bug.Hope u feel well soon.


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