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A bit of waffle lol

Still kicking lol, I'm in a bit of a predicament. No job=no money, no money=unable to move out, unable to move out limits my chances of recovery severely. I say this because the home space I'm living in is dangerously negative. Ive been seeing a therapist once a week, as well as being on ADs, however an hour after the session i feel like shit again due to being back at home. Therapy twice a week is not an option, I know walking the dog, doing exercise etc are all possible getaways, ones I have been doing, however you can only do those things for so long. Home is not where the heart is. Also i don't have any friends I can live with or family members that haven't been fed to much bs by my mother to make them tip toe around me if that makes sense. I don't even know why i considered typing this one i guess I'm just venting my frustration. I suffer from extreme anxiety, specifically social anxiety and depression.

By the way it may seem obvious to some who have already been told it before so apologies for the lack of knowledge on the matter but my therapist was giving me a little insight today about self-healing. Channelling your mind to BELIEVE that you are getting better, reassuring yourself over and over almost demanding yourself that whatever your situation is, weather it be physical or mental that you can overcome it can have a significant effect on ones body and mind. Im not to educated on this but it does kind of make sense taking into account placebo effects. I dno maybe have a little read up yourself. I don't mean to downplay anyones illnesses or knowledge. I hope everyone has a blessed day n keep your head up. p.s I'm not a doctor lol

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goatnetwork18, You may not be a doctor, but you spoke the truth. The therapist is getting through to you. Now it is your turn after therapy to mull over the words of advice and wisdom that she fed to you. It took me a long time for it to penetrate this thick skull of mine lol

We tend to hang on to something that is bad for us only because that's all we know at the time. Once you reverse that way of thinking from negative to positive, life starts to change for you.

Channeling your mind in a positive motion plays a big part of feeling better physically and emotionally. It's been proved over and over in the Mind/Body Connection. As for home not being where the heart is can make it difficult in having a safety place to call your own. When this happens, (and it does for me as well at times) you need to make a place in your mind where you can escape and feel safe. Some people call it meditation, some imagery. It may not take away the reality around you but will replace some of the negatives around you.

Escape for moments at a time several times a day. It will make you stronger in handling your feeling. Give ADs time to reach full efficacy which can take the edge of your emotions. Use deep belly breathing to release your stress as well as calm both your mind and body. It's free and always there with you. And last but not least, do BELIEVE that you will get better. It will happen for you as it did for myself and others who finally accepted what anxiety was all about. Take care

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Goatnetwork18....Agora1 wrote a very appropriate and useful reply. You have a therapist that opened the shades for you today. So, inspite of all the challenges of your environment, you had good news today. Thank you for sharing, as your post made my day a bit better too. :)


I totally understand where you're coming from with limited recovery because of where you're living. If your family environment etc. is negative maybe the times when you're home be predominately in a room that's yours or you feel comfortable in where you can block it out! Or maybe if you have to stay where you're living right now, leave or go to a bookstore, coffee shop etc and be out for most the day and maybe apply to jobs, read books or do anything that lets you leave the house for the day! Maybe hikes or drives to a nice view or something to clear your head, and be away from the home situation! Hope this helps!😌

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