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Postpartum Anxiety OCD

Living with this is ABSOLUTE HELL...I'm taking medicine and going to therapy but it seems as if I'm taking 1 step forward and a million steps backwards!! I'm constantly afraid of plastic bags, dirty bathrooms, Hair in the tub, and fear of suffocating...I hate this! For some reason plastic bags trigger my OCD causing a panic attack...I literally hurry to get home so I can throw the bags in the trash from grocery shopping. I have also been taking them out of the trash we have just for plastic bags and balling them up and putting them back in the trash to make sure it's thrown in the trash....I do this for about 5 minutes. I'm also washing bottles over and over with hot water...like this is fucking hell...other than that I'm okay...I'm a psychology student and getting As and high Bs those classes are very hard so I'm very proud of myself for getting good grades while trying to juggle with my mental health!!! And yes I have some cloth bags for shopping...they aren't big enough!!!

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Sorry u having a rough time. I will pray for u and good job on your grades. Keep up the good work🎊. Just remember it cant kill u and continue to take baby step try to do breathing exercise and relax. U been through this befor and survive and u can do it again. Hugs to u💞 I'm here if u want to talk.


Yay for you and your good grades!! Always focus on those positive aspects of your life and the negative things won't bother you as much. You'll get through this! Your one step forward is better than no steps forward at all. Keep going hun!


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