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Hi. I'm new here .. I need some heal to cope with my daily life and my anxious 6 year old as well. My daughter sees a therapist because of her anxiety, I have notice in the last 2 weeks my anxiety level is through the roof.. I've even had panic attacks. If she coughs I panic, if her stomach hurts and so on.. other than anxiety and asthma thank god my daughter is a healthy child. I too have always been healthy .. I'm 41 and anxiety has taken over my life. I have always has constipation, and never though about the consequences because it never really affected me .. the last month I have been very bloated and have gone like 5 days without issuing the restroom, now I have hemorrhoids and I'm freaking out that it's something worse . I have been panicking all week with major cramping .. I'm wondering if the cramping is from my anxiety. I keep thinking I'm very sick.. HELP!

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Hi and welcome Lvdmarte76,

You certainly are not okay. There is a need to see your doctor for a consultation about your overall wellbeing (physical concerns and mental state). You need to request a longer consult to cover all the things you want to mention.

The best treatment for your anxiety is talking with a psychologist who can address the root cause of your thoughts and feelings. The psychologist your daughter sees is probably a child specialist so you need a psych who deals with adults and has an interest in anxiety disorders. If anxiety is causing physical symptoms as well you might consider taking medication.

Ask your doctor for a couple of recommendation of who to see and ask the office to book the first appointment for you. In my experience, if the doctor's rooms calls it is sometimes possible to get an appointment sooner rather than later.

Go well, my friend


Thank you.. I have realized I need help to deal with this because it has drained me down all week and has affected my relationship all week. Thankfully I have a great husband that is always trying to cheer me up. But my smiles are forced and my words are short. I just rather be alone with my running brain. 😪


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