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Im having a setback and dont know what to do

After my big panic attack almost a month ago. I started getting back to myself. I still had that constant fear of being an adult but I just kept reassuring myself. It helped and ive gone to my therapist a few times as well. But now a month later i had another little panic attack last night that idk what triggered it. Now this morning I have the horrible fear of being an adult again. Im 18 and feel trapped and can't accept the fact it happens to all of us. I know I can't go back in time and be 12 again and that's what scares me the most. My anxiety is not letting me enjoy myself. I don't know what to do. Im taking medication, im going to therapy but I just don't see this fear going away and that frustrates me. I look at everyone older than me and feel upset because they're aging and they're fine with. Why can't I be like that. Why can't I just accept it and enjoy life. My parents try to comfort me and tell me im still young (which i know) and I don't need to rush into anything but those words make me feel better for a little while then I start freaking out again. I want to find out where this fear came from & stop it. I also need positive comments right now. Thank you for reading. Hopefully someone can relate

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Hi alexisl99, I just wanted to acknowledge that having panic attacks is such a scary thing. It really sets us back every time it happens because it's such a big thing to go through. It sounds like you're doing the right things by going to therapy and having GP support.

Growing up is really scary. I think it's important to acknowledge that too. And sometimes we can look at others and make comparisons and assumptions about their life. I think this can be really destructive. This is your life and your journey and you feel how you feel right now in it.

The most important thing is you get the support you need right now and continue to work through all these big feelings.

I hope that this has helped - I'm no expert but I know that sometimes anxiety is crippling and can make you feel really alone. Sending you positive vibes.

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Thank you so much

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