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I know why my anxiety hasn't improved as fast this time round ...... I'm absolutely terrified of this procedure, just to see if I have an hiatus Hernia ! Or ulcer ! .... I been worried bout it for 7 weeks .... I can't even bring myself to full in consent forms they sent me. I'm quite brave with things considering I have general anxiety ... but the though of it frightens me, not being in control .... Iv even thought bout ringing them up and stating my anxiety high at moment so I don't want to put myself through it ! But then I will have the worry again of waiting fir it in future !

Actually making me ill

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Hello Heidi I am so sorry your feeling so scared. I too have a procedure for infusion for pain coming up so I know what it does to you. The unknown etc. Well I hope I can help on this as I had a gastroscopy three years ago for suspected ulcer. I too was petrified I told them this and they gave me a calming injection ( diazepam I think) just before I went in it really helped. Please ask them About it. The procedure itself does not take long, and they ask you to swallow as the tube goes pass your throat. It's really not as bad as I thought and seemed over really quick. A nurse held my hand , and you can also ask for this if no one does. It's amazing how that helps anyway, I hope this helps even a little. I think you would benefit from the calming injection or maybe tablet very much. And don't feel. Bad. Most people are scared of procedures it's only natural. Sending you a soft hug and hope all works out for you. It turned out I had a duodenal ulcer which is now cured. :) Take care. fragile58


Thank you so much fragile, for them positive words ... I will ask for diazepam then I think and make sure the nurse holds my hand ... so happy that everything went well for you xxx

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Thankyou. heidi was urs ago for what ur having but having a fentanol infusion for pain on Tuesday intoo am very nervous as I always end up with an allergic reaction to things and I'm concerned because once this medicine is in it can't come bk out. Not like pills. This stays inside for weeks. So I hope they can do a bit and see how I react. Too be honest , I have cancelled twice so this is my last chance. It's for my Fybromyalgia x


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