Hi I have always suffered from anxiety and recently it has got a lot worst. I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve. And this has made me worry all the time. I keep feeling dizzy everyday and a feeling like somthing bad is always going to happen. The doctor tells me it's anxiety but I done believe them as it makes me feel so horrible. Does anyone else experience this?


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  • Yes! All the time. What are some of the things you do when you start felling dizzy? Physically do? What are your thoughts, while your feeling dizzie?

  • It can happen at any time. It happens every day on and off. Can just be sat there. I then start to worry about it. It's like I feel weird, head all over eyes not focusing and feeling not with it.

  • Yes, I feel this way and push through it with physical activity, like doing laundry, washing dishes, all the while feeling like my coordination is off, my heads not right and very unstable. I do something active while it's going on so I can focus on something else, this seems to work.

  • Least I am not alone. I will try and do somthing physical when I feel this way

  • No you are not alone, and neither am I. I find this site helpful when am having a tough time, like today.

  • Same today's is a bad day.

  • I took of work early today to go to dentist. Then came home and laid down and took a nap, but when I woke up I wished could just stay asleep until these horrible feelings and fears pass.

  • Exactly how I feel it's awful. But deep down we know it's anxiety

  • Yes, and we know our fears are irrational. I appreciate you chatting with me. I needed to focus on something else and typing on this damn little cell phone definitely requires focus. Lol

  • Yes! Definitely was good talking and I'm glad I'm not alone

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