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Ok so I was sitting there and suddenly heart goes this then (BOOOM!) And it was accompanied by a strong adrenaline rush. Oh my im so scared right now !

What if it hadnt restarted ? Ive been to doctors many times but noones taking me seriously . I swear I just felt like I was gonna go into a deadly heart rhythm . Now I have returned to normal but what can I do about this scary feeling ? Im 16 years and this thing is enough to scare the sh** out of me!!

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They take you seriously when they tell you your heart is ok. It is your anxiety that is doing this to you. Have you told the doctor you have anxiety?

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I have had multiple scares with my heart

Idk what it is but I am very conscious of my heart beat it seems very strange to say but I am. When I get emotionally drained or worked up I can feel it and some days I can't take my mind off it. One day I felt a sharp pain go across my chest and rushed to the hospital....BP was elevated but EKG and all other blood work and diagnostics came back normal....but what is normal? Lol

Just take it easy and understand you may suffer from multiple types of anxiety and one being health anxiety. Talk to docs or psychiatrists they can help. These forums help a ton as well!! This coming from a guy who is on multiple forums for multiple issues. PTSD, depression, anxiety and to top it all off quitting smoking! Find things to take your mind off everything your body goes thru. I keep busy or think about a certain someone. Yes prolly not good at times cuz you worry but I think I know she likes me and I try to convince myself as such. Lol...she hasn't said she don't but you know girls lol. I also resort to writing. Writing and drawing have been my two main outlets for getting stuff out. Give everything a shot and keep us updated. You will get thru it 😁

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