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Feeling overwhelmed

Does any one get over whelmed when there are multiple sounds? My brain can't keep track of them all and they all blur together. I also get overwhelmed by all the chatter in class and need to step outside to breath. Sometimes everything just seems to get louder and my heart rate goes through the roof and I get worried Im being really loud. I feel as if music doesn't really help anymore, does anyone have any other methods to cope with this??

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Hi Insaiyan! I used to be a party person. Loved loud Electronic music and other genres. When anxiety hit me, I noticed that I no longer enjoy "loud" music - it makes me feel dizzy and gives me heart palpitations.

I'm not sure why... but maybe my tolerance for loud music is no longer there.

What I do now is listen to relaxing and calm music (instrumentals) with minimal volume - more like an elevator or spa tunes.

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One time, I was inside the mall with my friends and we are heading towards the activity area -- there was an ongoing concert. I told them that I had to go the other way around because my anxiety kicked in and I felt dizzy already. Ughhhh crazy day!


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