Hi everyone

New here. I think i might have anxiety but its due to my physical symptoms. Im always scared that i have something life threatening. I am 34 yr old female. I have had headaches everyday for the past month, dizziness, hot, nausea at night, night sweats, sometimes the dizziness wakes me up like tonight and im scared to sleep, i keep thinking anurysm and i get scared. I keep feeling like i have a tight head band on. Specially on my right side of skull. I dont know what to do. I am going to the E.R in the morning. Scared of the results.


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  • It sound like you have health anxiety which can cause many physical systems

  • I have been in bed for 3 days now with a headache around the back of my head / a little in the front around my forehead. The headache started after reading the news on the internet on Saturday . It started my anxiety and possibly my headache. I have went to the ER before after a migraine and because I have no insurance and they did a catsxan I ended up with quite a bill. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. And when I have anxiety I fear the worse as well . I've been searching the Internet to see what could be wrong for the last 2 days . I hope that you can get seen by a doctor who can put your fears to rest.

  • Thank you. I hope so too. And i really hope you feel better as well. Maybe go to the ER again if your headache persists.

  • Hi Worried_help, Physical symptoms, life events can bring about the onset of anxiety. No doubt about it. One proceeds the other. When it becomes a focal point of the day, every day, is when you need to reassure your mind where this is coming from. You start with a doctor and tests and if anxiety is the basis of the symptoms, then you work on anxiety. Continually thinking is something more dire just keeps the circle of fear ongoing.

    The tight band you feel around your head, the chronic headaches are usually signs of tension headaches caused from worry and stress. Somehow with you, Aneurysm came into play. The other symptoms you experience are also very common with anxiety. Anxiety is not dangerous, it is a but a feeling that can be controlled and overcome with practice.

    I wish you well with the ER diagnosis. Also want to Welcome you to the Anxiety Forum. My best to you. You are not alone x

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