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DP/DR feels so deadly at night

So lately my dp has gone away during the day. Ive learned to cope with it by not thinking about it and now it can be done subconsciously. What kills me is when i try to sleep. It hits me hard and makes me feel like i AM dead. It just takes away my sleep and i get lost in my head and start questioning everything. Like our existence, our demise, life etc. And it just cycles until i decide to fall asleep.

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I feel your pain! But the difference is that I am now actually able to function with the hell on top of me. So I'm glad yours actually leaves you during the day. That must be a sign that you are getting rid of it! The nights are the worse for me because when I turn on my lights it triggers this hell even more. I go downstairs to get water or something and when I turn my lights on I feel like I am 100% in a dream and out my body. I know it sounds disturbing and this is why I have no other choice and try another medication. I'm desperate here. I just Thank God that I am able to take care of my kids and family while with this hell. We just have to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. When those questions come talk to yourself and tell yourself to "SHUT THE HELL UP" that's what I do.

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