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Getting anxious / health anxiety

I've been struggling a bit today. I can't stop thinking about what I had to eat last night, my mom made some fried tacos, but since I'm paranoid I checked the corn tortilla bag and said the EXP date was for the 6th of Aug, and I'm freaking that it's going to make me ill, I had dinner at 10pm last night.

The tortillas were refrigerated and if they were moldy I'm pretty sure my mom would have seen it. My woke up not feeling well, but my dad is fine and I feel fine too, it's just the thought I could get something is freaking me out. I'm trying to keep calm but even the slightest panic makes me think something's going to happen, I don't like being sick so it's what's caused me some panic. I don't know what to do

Am I on the clear now? Or do I still have to wait? Have you been in a similar situation?

Any advice would be appreciated

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Don't worry I saw a program on TV about food expiry dates and the date is just a guide line and you can eat food if it past the date .plus if it was 10 pm last night you would have had tummy problems by now.

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You are fine, bad food will cause some stomach pain and a trip to the bathroom almost immediately!!! Be calm and relax you are going to be just fine!!

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