Is this anxiety?

About 7 weeks ago I had a few panic attacks over the course of a week. After that, for about two weeks, I was very anxious and could not relax nor sleep. After I returned to a generally calmer state and began sleeping normally again, I began to get weird feelings. It is difficult to describe. It feels like I am not all the way here at times, and my mind is cloudy. I know nothing is wrong with my vision and I can see fine, but my eyes and vision just do not feel right. It feels like I am drugged or something, or dazed. I often feel tired as well. The rest of my body, mainly my legs and feet, feel almost weightless at times, and it feels very odd when I walk; almost like they could collapse from under me, but I know they won't. It's almost like I am a ghost. I often do not even feel anxious when these symptoms occur, nor do they always occur together at the same time. Sometimes they last for the whole day, sometimes only in 'episodes'. The main symptom I want to get rid of is the weird feeling in my head/eyes. I often feel dizzy and a little bit off balance with this symptom. I have gotten my blood tested and an MRI of my brain, and they both came back normal. From what I have read, it sounds like this is anxiety after the fact, caused from being in a panic state weeks ago. I just wanted to know if anyone else is going through the same thing. It is getting annoying, and I just want to feel normal again so I can resume living my life normally.


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  • I'm so pleased I'm not going insane cos exactly the same thing is happening to me. I've got glasses that I need to wear for watching telly and things but I don't normally wear them every single day but my eyes feel so fuzzy without them on. Feels like I walk and I'm not on this planet and feel off balance like my legs just don't know where they want to go. My eyes feel quite tight like I can only see tunnel vision. It's a horrible scary feeling cos I keep thinking I'm going blind or I've got a brain tumour or something but I had eyes tested two weeks ago nd they said everything seemed normal and my eyesight is relatively the same as a few month back but I'm still convinced it's a tumour with feeling dizzy nd like am not in my own body. Do u think opticians would detect a brain tumour? I'm so sick of feeling like this :-(

  • Yes, what you are explaining is totally relatable. I did read something the other day, I think opticians check for pressure on your eyes, and if there is higher pressure there could be a tumor. Something like that. But I think you are okay. That being said, if it is bothering you, maybe request an MRI to put your mind at ease. I'm sick of this feeling too, hoping it passes soon. Trying to stay hopeful.

  • Can I go to docs and tell them I want referred for an MRI or just go to hospital and request one? I feel like I can't focus on anything with my eyes like everything is blurred and it's harder to see things clearly. Ppl don't believe me when I tell them what's happening with my vision, they just say I'm being stupid but they aren't in my body and aren't experiencing what I'm going through.

  • I'm not completely sure, but I think your doctor has to order one for you. That's how I got one at least. And you definitely aren't being stupid. These types of feelings are very odd, so unless you're experiencing them, people won't entirely get it.

  • Are u on any meds at all for stress and anxiety?

  • When I was having the panic attacks I was prescribed citelopram (or something like that). I never started taking it though because I didn't like all the side effects. I got better after a few days but then I started having the other issues. I still don't feel comfortable with meds at this point, but if I wanted to go that route I'd want to go back to the doctor since the symptoms I have now are different than when I was prescribed it.

  • How u doing? I'm still ill with this pressure in head and blurred vision. I'm convinced something is seriously wrong with me and it's getting me so down :-(

  • Looks like the only way for you to have peace of mind is to have an MRI of the brain. Good luck and try to relax .

  • I have felt the exact same and the neurologist just looked at me like I'm crazy. It's normal since you weren't sleeping well for so long- I've lasted up to 48 hours without sleeping lately. Your body is just responding to all of the sleep that you weren't getting and your anxiety makes it worst. Hang in there!!

  • That makes me feel much better. Thank you! :)

  • I had the exact same thibg in the exact order of what you just described. Panic attack, for straight 2 weeks, weird feeling in my tummy didn't know then was anxiety, then i found out it was thrn it kept happening, then the vision issues like im here but now hazy and light headed. I had to grab something/anything solid to remind me that 'this is real, im here, all is going to be ok' i feel ok after awhile. But i never got the wobbly legs. It will gey better. My panic attacks happened january this year. It got better then i have been having anxiety and negative thinking like my mind is a magnet of anything negative. I was so confused. Doc told me it was seasonal depression blah blah here are some.anti-derpressants(i never took it). Found some.article.about 'magnesium the original chill pill' and read it it helped me alot so i took some and i like it. Worked for me. Days ago i started going to the gym. 39mins 45mins just treadmill and sauna..thats all, i kid you not, it made a vast difference mood wise, mind wise everything! So im.going to keep going to the gym on. To sweat it out. I used to hate it and never go ever lol

    I hope you all have a great day. Sending some positive vibes to everyone. Smile:)

  • Thanks so much! I'm glad you're feeling better. So there's a magnesium pill that worked for you then? I'll look into that for sure.

  • This is the article about magnesium :

  • I just bought the nature made magnesium, its oxide it helps with bowel movementa so to speak lol i like it. I heard that magnesium threonate is the best one for the brain. So when im done with this bottle i have i will switch to magnesium threonate.

  • I just bought some and took a 250mg amount! Thanks! How long did it take you to feel better? A day? Week?

  • I noticed a calmness in me after day 2. I got upset with my husband and i noticed i was not as pissed. And i was done holding grudges too lol which is good. Last thing we need when we have anxiety is more stress and negative emotions. I hope it works for you too. My friend also stared taking it and felt the same way.

  • Good to hear! I'm heading back to college on Thursday so I hope I see improvement by then as well :). Thank you for all of the information, I really appreciate it!

  • Please let me.know. message me anytime. Goodluck on school. Wish you all the best and praying for you as well. Smile!

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